How Cat Daddy Games Got Their Name

One of the most interesting things to delve in when it comes to studios or groups of people is how they got their collective name. This resonates regardless of whether you are talking about a development studio, a band, or a sports team. Fans always wonder how and why they are called that. With this fan post, I wanted to research further and really find out why Cat Daddy named themselves that. After all, it is a strange name and has absolutely nothing with developing games or coding anything.

Let’s first go over what a “cat daddy” is. In timber and lumbering slang, a cat daddy is someone who climbs stuck trees to cut them down and make them more accessible. These trees were originally chopped down but eventually got stuck or latched onto another tree, thus making it inaccessible for lumbers to further process. The cat daddy would climb the stuck tree and chop it to make it easier to get.

Why is this important? This has nothing to do with developing games?

Well, one of the cofounders of the game studio, Harley Howe belonged to a family-owned tree cutting company. He was always around trees and lumbers, so experiencing logs falling was a frequent occurrence for him. Logs falling from every which way became so frequent that Harley made this a part of his life. He named the studio Cat Daddy Games because the cat daddies around his family’s company were responsible for all of the tree falling. He figured this was a fun way to timestamp a huge part of his life and put it in his work.