Mall Tycoon

A business tycoon simulator game, Mall Tycoon released to amazing public attention. The game was all over the shelves at malls, video game stores like Gamestop, and even mainstream shopping centers such as Walmart and Target. I remember seeing copies of the game on shelves and immediately buying my own straight from the shelf. This was the first game that received this kind of attention for CDG.
The game released with so much attention that popular YouTube personality Brutal Moose even looked at it. The video, embedded above, has nearly 1,000,000 views (as of publication).
The ability to create and manage your own mall from the ground up really resonated with gamers, as they too were frequent shoppers. It was an exciting thought to have your own mall and manage every little detail in a video game.
It should be noted that the first two Mall Tycoon games were developed by smaller studios named Virtual Playground and Fusion Digital Games. At this point in their lifespan, those studios weren’t nearly as big as Cat Daddy Games. As such, the games flopped in sales and ratings. However, when Cat Daddy Games picked up the franchise, they took every feature and made it better. Their release Mall Tycoon 3 received national attention and got much higher ratings than the first two games.